Work Plan for the Implementation Period

In Sep 2003, the Working Group provided an evangelization plan at the diocesan level, the parish level, the school level and the caritas level. It was endorsed by the HK Diocese.

Details are as follows:

Diocesan Level:

  1. To push ahead all faith to study the document on evangelization to non-Catholics by Group Four of the Diocesan Synod. The Diocese has printed both the Chinese and English copies of the document which can be obtained at parishes and the Diocesan Centre.
  2. To organize an Evangelical Gathering to be held at the Coliseum of Mission Sunday 2004.
  3. To publish a pamphlet on  "The Act of the Apostles" and push ahead all faith to study the evangelization spirit of the early church.
  4. To organize more seminars on "The Act of the Apostles". To publish quarterly newsletters on the progress and plans of work in evangelization in the Diocese and Parishes, and have them printed in both "Kung Kao Pao" and the "Sunday Examiner"
  5. To arrange parishioners to share their experiences in evangelization in the council meeting of HKCCCL periodically.

Parish Level:

  1. On 26 October 2003 (Sunday), parishes can make use of Sunday Homily, sharings and reports to explain to the laity the meaning of the Year of Evangelization and appeal to them to spread the Good News to their family members, colleagues and friends, with a view to leading one convert. The Diocese will inform all parishes through the "Curia Notice" in the Sunday Examiner.
  2. Parishes can consider promoting a Movement to encourage the laity to seek those apathetic Catholics and to spread Good News to non-Catholics at different settings.
  3. To encourage the faithful associations in parishes to use evangelization as their theme in their yearly plan for the coming year.
  4. To consider organizing evangelization activities by parishes or deaneries such as evangelization picnics, evangelization dinners, evangelization concerts, evangelization variety shows, evangelization film-shows, evangelization carnivals and evangelization relay, etc.

School Level:

A. School Level:

  1. The theme of this year's "Education Sunday" has been fixed as "Education and Evangelization", in order to match with the various activities in the implementation period of the Year of Evangelization. School as a good place for evangelization should actualize its mission on evangelization to non-Catholics.
  2. A study tour has been organized to Sydney, Australia in March 2004, to study how the Education Ministry of the local Catholic schools strengthen religious education in schools and evangelize inside schools.
  3. One of the items in the "School Concern Items for the Year" must be related to religious education and evangelization. Diocesan Schools can also upload the related plan and activities in the school intra-net for reference.

B. Teacher Level:

  1. To organize catechumenate classes for teachers so that non-Catholic teachers can have the opportunity to know more about Catholicism and make conversion, thereby increasing the number of Catholic teachers in schools.
  2. To organize "Hug-hug God" gathering in Teachers' Development Day, to let staff in Catholic Schools know more about Catholicism and deepen the faith of Catholic teachers.
  3. To organize "Bible Study Group", encourage those non-Catholic teachers to participate.

C. Student Level:

  1. To expand the recruitment plans and activities of " (Young Pioneers of Christ)", encourage and assist those non-Catholic members to participate in catechumenate classes.
  2.  To organize religious extra-curricular activities similar to " Young Pioneers of Christ" in kindergarten.

D. Parents Level:

  1. To co-operate with "Parent-teachers’ Association" in organizing catechumenate classes for non-Catholic parents, so that more parents can know and concur with the culture and direction of the Church in running schools, on the other hand, we can gain more support and consolidation from them, and finally more converts.

Caritas Level

  • Objective: To establish the work of the Year of Evangelization within the organization of Caritas-Hong Kong.
  • Contents:
    • To recruit, support and co-ordinate Caritas related persons in joining the evangelical activities, especially in participation of the the catechumenate classes.
    • To promote activities of the Year of Evangelization.
    • To strengthen the religious atmosphere within Caritas social centres.
    • To organize religious gathering for Catholic staff and those interested in the Catholic faith.

Dated: 17 Oct 2003