Pastoral Letter
Year of Evangelization
EV Concept
Why evangelize?



  Introducing the Year of Evangelization
At the Mission Sunday on 19 October 2003, Bishop Joseph Zen of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese formally announced the beginning of the Year of Evangelization.

The Year of Evangelization is one of the concrete suggestions by Group Four of the Diocesan Synod on Evangelization to non-Catholics which was confirmed by the late Cardinal Wu. It is stipulated that the preparatory period of the Year of Evangelization is from October 2002 to Mission Sunday 2003, and the implementation period from Mission Sunday 2003 to Easter 2005. The target of the Year of Evangelization is 10,000 new Catholics. We appeal to all Catholics in Hong Kong to spread the Good News to their family members, colleagues and friends.

Preparatory Period
To promote and co-ordinate the work of the Year of Evangelization, the Hong Kong Diocese has appointed the Central Council of Catholic Laity (HKCCCL) to set up a Working Group on the Year of Evangelization. Members of the Working Group include two representatives each from the eight Deaneries, one representative each from the educational and social service sector, and six representatives from the HKCCCL, totaling 24 persons. HKCCCL is responsible for providing
secretarial and accounting support to the Working Group.

The first meeting was held in Nov 2002. With the set up of sub-working group, members strived to plan, organize and promote a series of evangelization activities during the period.

Implementation Period
In Sep 2003, the Working Group proposed an evangelization workplan at the diocesan level, the parish level, the school level and the caritas level. It was endorsed by the Diocese Consultancy Committee in Oct 2003.

In Nov 2003, the Diocese officially set up the Diocesan Ad Hoc Committee for the Year of Evangelization and appointed four new representatives. Together with the 24 members of the former Working Group, now there are 28 members responsible of mobilizing and coordinating all evangelization activities in this period.